Conventional polishes, waxes and cleaners should not be used matte paintwork or satin wraps and will most likely cause damage.
However, With our specifically designed detail we can care for these difficult finishes whilst ensuring that the matte or satin surface appearance is unaffected.

All bookings over £50 will need to be secured with a 50% deposit (can be taken over the phone). We operate a 24hour cancellation policy.

Matte & Satin Gleam Detail £160

Paint Cleanser for matte and satin
Towel dry
Premium wax for matte and satin
Dress tyres
Wheel arch jet washed
Door shuts cleaned
Boot gutters cleaned
Rubbers dressed
Plastic dressed
Chrome polished
Leather polished
Glass cleaned
Dash and panels treated
Interior deodorised

Please add for Large cars and £20 for MPV's and 4x4's


Disclaimer: While we take great pride in providing 100% customer satisfaction, and lots of our customers say we give outstanding results, unfortunately there is a limit to what we can do. If you vehicle has fundamental paint defects such as flaking paint, stone chips, deep scratches and bird lime etching, rust, poor paint matching from resprayed panels and dents etc we will not be able to achieve a 100%  perfect finish in those areas. In most cases deep scratches and bird lime can be softened so they are less noticeable, Small dents may become more noticeable with a high gloss finish

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